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The History Of The Little Red School Houses

Most often the Little Red School Houses were white and seldom red. The teachers were usualy young unmarried women. They swept the floor, stoked the stove rang the school's hand bell and taught the students by rote and recitation. Children in the small school houses recieved individual attention and recognition and could work at his or her own pace.

In addition these one room school houses were quite often used as the central venue for the local community. They hosted plays, dances, box socials, spelling bees, and Christmas pagents.

With the loss of the one room school houses pride was lost in schools, individuality and the soul of the community.

Parents are told the state knows what is best. It is Good Loving Christian Parents who know what is best for their children.

Back To School 2012

What can a parent do if the local public school just doesn�t work for your child and a private school isn�t a viable alternative? What if you are in a situation where home schooling isn�t a good choice? If your searching for viable options that will provide an excellent education yet still meets family needs and obligations consider an online school. Many people are turning to them for a variety of reasons to help them be better prepared in life.

Creating Classroom Centers

Before you choose an online school do some research. Make sure the school that you are considering is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency and by the U.S. Department of Education. Enrolling in an accredited online school ensures that you are choosing a quality school and that its faculty, course materials, curriculum and student services are held to the highest standards. Does the school provide easy access and "live" student or parent support? Is the diploma fully recognized? A diploma is representative of the quality of programs and education received throughout your online school experience.

Does the school offer the classes you need to get into the college, university or vocational school of your choice? A good school should provide multiple classes in the areas of english, math, history, science, languages, and the fines arts. If the school does not offer a large selection find out if they are participants in a duel enrollment program with a local community college. In a duel enrollment program students with prior permission can take classes that will satisfy the requirements for a high school diploma and some college credits. Choosing the right school can make all the difference in your future.

Enhancing Language Development in Childhood

Doing Better In School

Researchers from Minnesota University say "adolenscents who play sports have better eating habits and nutrient intake than those who do not" which leads to better school grades.

Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities